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Meet Kassie

My Puppy. 8wks old. Brought her home today.
Still try’na figure out a name for her.
Any suggestions? 


  • Her: I'm glad you feel that way. That a job is a job.
  • Me: Well, until one finds their career path, one's still gotta eat, and pay rent.
  • Her: There's something I want to tell you. Have wanted to, for a while.
  • Me: Shoot. I'm all ears.
  • Her: I'm a stripper.
  • Me: At a titty bar?
  • Her: Where else would I strip?
  • Me: Bullshit. There's a titty bar in town? Where?
  • Her: I'll take you. You're okay with this?

I’m gonna be what I want,
Instead of being what I’m not,
Maybe It’s not enough,
Then I want none of it…
What’s wrong with being a nobody?
I’m just happy to blend in.
I’m not pretending I am what I’ll never be. 

¿ʇsod ı ʇɐɥʍ oʇ uoıʇuǝʇʇɐ ʎɐd noʎ ɟo ʎuɐɯ ʍoH

The farmer and the sheep

My grandma once told me a story about a farmer and his sheep. To cut a long story short, something happened. So this sheep, seeking revenge spent its time rubbing against a wall. It was gonna cost a lot to get the wall fixed, heck that should teach the farmer a lesson or two for messing with it. So this sheep, thinking it’s real smart and with a grin on its face, keeps rubbing its backside against the wall. The moral of the story, in case you’re wondering, is to not bear grudges, but shrug a shoulder and move on. Because think about it, the wall can always be fixed, besides which; who felt the most pain, the farmer or the sheep? And what can one possibly achieve with a sore backside?

A New Day Has Come.
Let the rain come down and wash away my tears. 

Fuck You Hackers!

Whilst on youtube, a supposed pop up message from ‘microsoft’: “is your headset too big for your face?” I thought it weird, there was no X at the top right corner, just options. I clicked “no.” Then I noticed my webcam was on. Surge of concern as I was unable to turn it off, then another pop up message: “stop lying.” I shut the computer down straight away. Made a casual call to my tech buddy as I figured it to be pay back for pranks using command prompt, but he’s stuck in traffic on way home from work. Turned the computer back on, screen blinks a few times, message about checking HDD Fat32, however, whenever it got to 62% it would start over from 0% complete. I shut the computer off again. Next attempt, it booted fine, no problems, but then, pop ups stating every single program that I try to open “needs to be updated or cannot be used.” I’ve been through the usual conundrums of checking the program files folder for any funny-titled folders or programs, been through the control panel programs list and uninstalled a fuck load of programs yet something still doesn’t seem right. I’ve run the task manager and carefully searched through the processes and services and it looks ok, but I don’t fucking trust it. I’m not even gonna bother try’na save pictures and important documents and videos or movies etc to the external HDD ‘coz if it is a virus, those motherfuckers can jump ship to any external HDD I connect. Same principle goes for try’na back up onto discs etc. I saw something about an AU scheduled update at 03:00hrs on 11/15/2011 in a Windows Update Text Document under program files and a BOOTSTAT with the Firefox logo that I can’t open or delete. My guess is that shutting down the computer promptly and uninstalling shit and hunting the motherfucker down has maybe forced it to go into recluse, somehow, and the motherfuckers are gonna try to reinstall themselves when I go beddy bye byes. Well not on my watch. It’s now almost 22:00hrs. Gives me 5hrs of play time with this baby, but then I gotta put her down. I’ma have to crash my baby. Pull out her HDD, and then deposit her into the recycle trash can. All my movies, music, pictures, writing drafts, work spreadsheets, porn, résumé, and a fuck load of shit that seems oh so important now that I’m about to lose ‘em all… gone!

Dude. Fuck you. Presentation is key.

  • Me: Btw, you're moving out, you've over-stayed your welcome.
  • Barry: Hey, you're the one that didn't lock the door.
  • Me: Habit. Forgot you're crashing. You shoulda knocked.
  • Barry: Who the hell knocks to go into a bathroom?
  • Me: Besides the point. I'm sure you heard the trimmer buzzing.
  • Barry: Coulda been a dildo.
  • Me: Haven't we covered this already? I'm always gonn' be straight.
  • Barry: So I can't even flirt a lil' bit?
  • Me: That's a ground rule. Right there. Fuck you.
  • Barry: I'd love you to.
  • Me: Whatever. I'm going to work.
  • Barry: You know I'm still gonn' be here when you get back, right?
  • I love this guy. But sometimes, I wanna clasp my hands around his neck and squeeze. Hindsight, he might actually enjoy it. Fucking weirdo.

The Lovers of Valdaro.
Believed to be no older than twenty years of age when death occurred.
Over 5,000 years old.
Locked in an eternal embrace.
Tragically, their story is unknown.
They were found in the city of Mantua, Italy.
The city Shakespeare chose to set the story of Romeo & Juliet.

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